The Crossover Effect

Some muscles are just really hard to relax, rebalance, reactivate, and strengthen, even when you’re doing everything right. This is often the case after serious injuries. But whatever the reason, there is a solution—the crossover effect.

When you work one side of the body, there is a 30-40% neurological crossover on the opposite side. So by strengthening the right shoulder, you’re also strengthening the left side,  even if you don't move it at all.  The same principle also applies to muscle activation and range of motion.  So if you’re feeling stuck or you're suffering from an injury, try working the opposite limb or side of the body. 

If it's safe to do so, you can also try your activity or your sport with your non-dominant hand. Not only does it keep you in the game, but it also helps strengthen the opposing area without any risk of injury.