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My body helix story

I've always been a big fan of compression gear.  I've worn it and prescribed it for years. And of all the various products that've flooded the market recently, I love Body Helix above them all.  In fact, the first compression garment I ever purchased was a Body Helix thigh sleeve.  I bought one to protect my tender quadriceps and, within seconds, I knew it was a superior product.  I loved the feeling of support and incredible durability--the sleeve lasted throughout my many three-hour matches. Better yet, it worked beautifully--I was finally able to run without pain.

Over time, I also learned that my Body Helix Compression sleeve was almost indestructible.  I could throw it in the washer and dryer and it came out as good as new. And--bonus--it didn't smell either.  I've had my original Helix sleeve for over five years, and it seems the only way they fail is if you lose one.


Here is a discussion on the adjustable knee sleeve and who would benefit by its use:


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Of course, anecdotes are one thing.  Scientific literature is something else entirely.  And while the peer-reviewed studies have been inconsistent, the results are promising.  Many studies report that compression gear reduces muscle soreness and improves blood flow, which speeds muscle recovery.  Other studies found that compression gear improves proprioception, the sense of where your body is positioned in space, and increases muscle activation and recruitment through skin stimulation.

Founded by world-ranked tennis player, Fred Robinson and physician, Thomas E. Parker, MD, Body Helix compression wraps were developed based on both the science of movement and the research on injury management.  Body Helix searched for a material that would do three things better than any other material in the world of compression: Stretch, Rebound and Stay in Place. That search led to the creation of Body Helix’s Body-Form Technology, which incorporates the science and the latest technological advances in fabric design. From that, they have created products, with uniform compression that are uniquely comfortable and effective to wear during exercise.